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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pathology tests - A to Z


For routine Biochemistry queries and add-ons, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

 For routine haematology queries and add-ons, please email: wah-tr.haembtqueries@nhs.net

Please note this is NOT for referrals to clinical haematology or clinical advice and guidance

Haemachromatosis GeneHaematology
Haemoglobinopathy IdentificationHaematology
Haemoglobinopathy ScreeningHaematology
Haemoglobinopathy Screening AntenatalHaematology
Haemophilus (HIB) ABMicrobiology - Referred samples
Hantavirus SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
HaptoglobinClinical Biochemistry
Hba1C (For Diagnosis)Clinical Biochemistry
Hba1C (Monitoring)Clinical Biochemistry
HBV PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
HCG (Pregnancy)Clinical Biochemistry
HCG (Tumour)Clinical Biochemistry
HCV PCRMicrobiology - Virology
Helicobacter CultureMicrobiology - Referred samples
Helicobacter PyloriMicrobiology - Virology
Hep B And CMicrobiology - Virology
Heparin Induced ThrombocytopeniaBlood Transfusion
Hepatitis A IgGMicrobiology - Virology
Hepatitis A IgMMicrobiology - Virology
Hepatitis B ImmunityMicrobiology - Virology
Hepatitis B SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
Hepatitis C PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
Hepatitis C SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
Hepatitis D (Delta)Microbiology - Referred samples
Hepatitis E SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Hepatitis SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
Herpes IgG SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
Herpes Simplex PCR (CSF)Microbiology - Referred samples
Herpes simplex virus detection by...Microbiology - Virology
Herpes Type SpecificMicrobiology - Referred samples
HHV6Microbiology - Referred samples
HIV - Viral LoadMicrobiology - Virology
HIV Resistance GenotypeMicrobiology - Referred samples
HIV SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
HIV Tropism TestingMicrobiology - Referred samples
HLA AntibodiesBlood Transfusion
HLA TypingMicrobiology - Referred samples
HLA Typing and disease (e.g. B27)Blood Transfusion
Homocysteine (BCH)Clinical Biochemistry
Homocysteine (Cardiff)Clinical Biochemistry
HTLVMicrobiology - Referred samples
Human Herpes SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Hydatid SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Page last updated: 11 January 2022