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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pathology tests - A to Z


For routine Biochemistry queries and add-ons, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

 For routine haematology queries and add-ons, please email: wah-tr.haembtqueries@nhs.net

Please note this is NOT for referrals to clinical haematology or clinical advice and guidance

S.Pneumoniae Urinary AntigenMicrobiology - Virology
SalicylateClinical Biochemistry
Salivary CortisolClinical Biochemistry
SARS COV 2 AntoibodyMicrobiology
Schistosoma haematobiumMicrobiology
Schistosomiasis SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Scope BrushingsMicrobiology - Environmental
SeleniumClinical Biochemistry
Serous Fluids (pleural, peritoneal) for...Histology
Serum Free Light ChainsClinical Biochemistry
Settle Plate CultureMicrobiology - Environmental
Sexual Health PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
SHBGClinical Biochemistry
Short Synacthen TestClinical Biochemistry
Sickle Cell ScreenHaematology
SirolimusClinical Biochemistry
Skin Antibodies.Immunology
Skin Biopsy (SUDIC)Clinical Biochemistry
Sodium & Potassium (Urine)Clinical Biochemistry
Sodium Urea CreatClinical Biochemistry
SPECIFIC IGE - AspergillusImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - CatImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - CladosporiumImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - DogImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - Grass PollenImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - House Dust MiteImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - Mixed FoodImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - Mixed NutsImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - Mixed SeafoodImmunology
SPECIFIC IGE - Tree PollenImmunology
Sputum for cytologyHistology
Sputum/ Respiratory CultureMicrobiology
Squamous Cell Ca AgClinical Biochemistry
STARHSMicrobiology - Referred samples
Strongyloides SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Swab Chlamydia/GC PCRMicrobiology - Virology
Swab CultureMicrobiology
Syphilis PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
Page last updated: 11 January 2022