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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
CPE Screening
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Please include all relevant clinical details. A rectal swab with visible faecal matter is the preferred specimen type. However, if the patient declines a rectal swab or is a child, a stool sample is also acceptable.
Test information
This is a culture-based test that detects highly resistant bacteria that may be responsible for difficult to treat infections and lead to outbreaks. 
CPE screening is only performed in patients at high risk for CPE carriage. For more infection please refer to the relevant guidelines. 
If there is a delay in transporting the specimen to the laboratory, a rectal swab should be stored at room temperature while a stool sample should be refrigerated.
Special requirements
3 consecutive negative stool samples, collected 48 hours apart, are required to confidently exclude colonic carriage of CPE. 
A presumptive positive result can be issued at 24 hours; plates are incubated for 48 hours before issuing a negative report. If a suspected CPE organism is isolated, final confirmation is performed by the reference laboratory.
Tube type
Charcoal transport swab or sterile faeces container.
Faecal stools container
TAT Inpatient (urgent)
24-48 hours
Page last updated: 08 September 2021