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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Group and Screen
CategoryBlood Transfusion
Request form
Blood transfusion request forms must: 
- show identical patient identification details to the sample 
- show date and time the sample was collected 
- be signed by the person who took the blood, including their licence number (this is a legal requirement) 
- indicate if components/products are required, and if so the quantity needed 
- show date components/products are required 
- the reason for the request 
- state special requirements such as irradiated blood 
- state any previous transfusions
Test information
Note that samples for urgent blood transfusion should be conveyed by hand. 
We operate a zero tolerance policy for incorrect sample labelling. Amending or adding details to samples is prohibited. 
All samples must be: 
legibly handwritten 
have 4 identifiers: 
- first name 
- surname 
- NHS number 
- date of birth 
labelled by the person taking the blood who must also sign, date and time the sample 
labelled next to the patient immediately after being taken 
Note: If two group and screen samples are required from a patient, they must be taken by two different staff members. 
All group and screen samples from patients over 4 months old are valid for 72 hours. 
Samples to be transported to the laboratory within 72 hours between 2 - 25C
Tube type
1 x 6ml pink top EDTA tube
Pink EDTA tube
Minimum volume
Referral lab
Local haematology
Page last updated: 11 January 2022