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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
CategoryClinical Biochemistry
Test information
For monitoring patients on artificial nutrition (parenteral and enteral) & patients with malabsorption (short gut, Crohn's disease etc) Zinc is bound to albumin so if the albumin is low, the zinc will be low. Zinc toxicity can be seen in people taking unregulated supplements; the main problem is that, if copper is not supplemented to the same level, copper deficiency will occur. May exhibit diurnal variation in healthy individuals (peak 10:00). Also affected by acute phase reaction and pregnancy (low). Marginally low values hard to interpret, but concentration <7umol/L indicates marked deficiency.
Avoid venous stasis when collecting sample.
Reference range
see report
Special requirements
Tube type
Trace elements (blue top)
Dark blue tube top
Minimum volume
100 uL
TAT Inpatient
2 weeks
TAT GP/Outpatient
2 weeks
Referral lab
Regional Toxicology Laboratory, City Hospital
Page last updated: 11 January 2022