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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Swab Culture
Always state site and nature of swab, especially for wounds - site determines the interpretation of cultures 
Actual pus is preferable to swabs if present. 
Any materials used in taking these samples must be discarded in an approved clinical waste and/or sharps container. 
If there is a delay in transporting the sample to the laboratory, please store at room temperature.
Special requirements
SWABS - bacterial culture (Superficial wound, eye, ear, nose throat etc.)
Tube type
Swab in charcoal transport medium 'Transwab' 
Dry swabs are not suitable and will not be processed.
Charcoal swab
TAT Inpatient (urgent)
2 - 5 days
TAT GP/Outpatient
2 - 5 days
Referral lab
Page last updated: 08 September 2021