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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
TB Culture
Specimens are cultured using liquid automated methods apart from bone samples and specimens requiring low temperature culture (28-30oC) which are referred to the Regional Centre for Mycobacteriology Laboratory at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital 
Positive cultures are telephoned and referred to RCM for identification and susceptibility           Urine samples : Complete early morning urines are required in 150 ml containers.  Please send daily over 3 consecutive days.  DO NOT use 24 hour urine containers. 
Any materials used in taking these samples must be discarded in an approved clinical waste and/or sharps container.         
If a delay occurs in transporting the sample to the laboratory, please refrigerate.
Special requirements
Sputum, Bronchoalveolar lavage/brushings or washings, pleural aspirate, Transtracheal aspirate, Transthoracic aspirates, Urines
Tube type
Respiratory samples : Sterile 60ml container (white top) or sterile 30ml universal container                                                                   Urines  3 X 150ml container  - See notes
Plain topped sterile container
Minimum volume
Respiratory : 5ml Urine 3 X 150ml
TAT Inpatient (urgent)
Microscopy : 2 days Culture up to 6 weeks
TAT GP/Outpatient
Microscopy : 2 days Culture up to 6 weeks
Referral lab
Page last updated: 08 September 2021