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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pathology tests - A to Z

For routine Biochemistry queries and add-ons, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

For routine Microbiology queries, please email: wah-tr.MicrobiologySeniorStaff@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

TB PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
TestosteroneClinical Biochemistry
Testosterone (Calculated Free)Clinical Biochemistry
Testosterone (Extracted)Clinical Biochemistry
Tetanus AntibodiesMicrobiology - Referred samples
TFT Confirmatory TestsClinical Biochemistry
TheophyllineClinical Biochemistry
Therapeutic Drug MonitoringMicrobiology - Referred samples
Thermophilic PreciptinsMicrobiology - Referred samples
Thrombophilia ScreenHaematology
Thyroglobulin (Newcastle)Clinical Biochemistry
Thyroid Peroxidase AbsClinical Biochemistry
Tip CultureMicrobiology
Tissue for histologyHistology
Tissue Transglutaminase Iga AbsClinical Biochemistry
Tissue typing (e.g. transplantation,...Blood Transfusion
Tissue/Bone CultureMicrobiology
Tissues for bacterial culture by...Histology
TobramycinClinical Biochemistry
TopiramateClinical Biochemistry
Total IgEImmunology
Total ProteinClinical Biochemistry
Total TrycyclicsClinical Biochemistry
Toxocara AntibodiesMicrobiology - Referred samples
Toxoplasma PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples
Toxoplasma SerologyMicrobiology - Virology
TPMTClinical Biochemistry
Transferrin Electrophoresis...Clinical Biochemistry
Transferrin SaturationClinical Biochemistry
Trichinella SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Troponin TClinical Biochemistry
TrypanasomaMicrobiology - Referred samples
TSHClinical Biochemistry
TSH Receptor AbsClinical Biochemistry
UE&Creat (Urine)Clinical Biochemistry
UreaClinical Biochemistry
Uric AcidClinical Biochemistry
Urine ArsenicClinical Biochemistry
Urine Catecholamine MetabolitesClinical Biochemistry
Urine Catecholamines-PaedClinical Biochemistry
Urine Chlamydia/GC PCRMicrobiology - Virology
Urine CitrateClinical Biochemistry
Urine CopperClinical Biochemistry
Urine CortisolClinical Biochemistry
Urine Culture (UF)Microbiology
Urine Drug ScreenClinical Biochemistry
Urine for cytologyHistology
Urine for haemosiderin Histology
Urine GlycosaminoglycansClinical Biochemistry
Urine MercuryClinical Biochemistry
Page last updated: 16 January 2020