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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pathology tests - A to Z


Please be aware there is an ongoing supply issue across the whole of the UK associated with Blood Bottle tubes, the management of use of blood tubes applies to all suppliers and we ask you to refer to recently circulated guidance to support the management of the demand during this period. See https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/becton-dickinson-blood-specimen-collection-portfolio-supply-disruption/

 For routine Biochemistry queries and add-ons, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

 For routine haematology queries and add-ons, please email: wah-tr.haembtqueries@nhs.net

Please note this is NOT for referrals to clinical haematology or clinical advice and guidance

Anti CCP AntibodiesClinical Biochemistry
Anti-AMP2 Abs.Immunology
Anti-AMPA1 Abs.Immunology
Antibiotic Assay (amikacin,...Microbiology - Referred samples
Antibody Investigation for referral to...Blood Transfusion
Antibody to ds-DNAImmunology
Anti-CASPR Abs.Immunology
Anti-GABA Receptor AbsImmunology
Anti-GAD AbsImmunology
Anti-Glycine Receptor Abs.Immunology
Anti-Glycolipid (Ganglioside) AbsImmunology
Anti-LGIL Abs.Immunology
Anti-MAG Abs.Immunology
Anti-Mullerian HormoneClinical Biochemistry
Anti-Musk Abs.Immunology
Anti-Xa AssayHaematology
Aquaporin 4 AntibodyImmunology
Arbovirus SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples
Arginine Vasopressin AVP (Anti Diuretic...Clinical Biochemistry
Arsenic (Urine)Clinical Biochemistry
Asceptic Suite Monthly PlMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite Session PlateMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite Swabs InsideMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite Swabs OutMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite ValidationMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite Weekly PlatesMicrobiology - Environmental
Aseptic Suite Weekly SwabMicrobiology - Environmental
ASOTMicrobiology - Virology
Aspartate TransaminaseClinical Biochemistry
Aspergillus PrecipitinsMicrobiology - Referred samples
Autoantibody Screen (includes: ANA,...Immunology
Avian PrecipitinsMicrobiology - Referred samples
B12 & FolateClinical Biochemistry
B2 Glycoprotein IgM AbsImmunology
Basal Ganglia AntibodiesImmunology
Bence Jones ProteinClinical Biochemistry
Beta- 2-TransferrinClinical Biochemistry
Beta HyroxybutyrateClinical Biochemistry
Beta-2 MicroglobulinClinical Biochemistry
Beta-Hcg (Hydatiform Mole)Clinical Biochemistry
BicarbonateClinical Biochemistry
Bile AcidsClinical Biochemistry
Bilirubin (Conjugated)Clinical Biochemistry
Bilirubin (Neonatal)Clinical Biochemistry
Bilirubin (Total & Conj.)Clinical Biochemistry
Bilirubin (Total)Clinical Biochemistry
Billary brushingsHistology
BiopterinClinical Biochemistry
BiotinidaseClinical Biochemistry
Blood CultureMicrobiology
Page last updated: 08 September 2021