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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Care Quality Commission report

Wednesday 2 December 2015

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) report was published on their website at 00.01 on Wednesday 2 December.

Following its inspection back in July, the CQC recognised Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust as a very caring organisation, although it was given an overall rating of inadequate due largely to concerns over the risks about its maternity and paediatrics services.

All services were rated as good or outstanding for care and the CQC also commended the Trust's leadership team for the level of understanding and commitment shown over recent months.

Of the 115 domains reviewed in July, 54 were rated as good, 46 require improvement, 13 were inadequate and 2 domains were outstanding. Whilst the overall rating from the CQC is disappointing given the many positives found, it should be noted that the areas rated as inadequate are largely centred on services that the Trust and its commissioners have already recognised as needing change. Therefore, the CQC report is helpful in endorsing the actions already taken or planned to occur in the near future. For example, the enhanced leadership and governance support provided to maternity and paediatric services since July, coupled with the recent decision to temporarily suspend birthing services at the Alexandra Hospital, has significantly reduced the risk profile of the services.

Chris Tidman, Chief Executive said: “We are grateful to the CQC inspectors for their comprehensive report following their visit four months ago. They clearly recognised the challenges we were facing and the high level of care delivered by our staff across all areas of our services, rating all areas good with outstanding ratings for care in our maternity and gynaecology services. Some 95% of our patients, who respond to our monthly patient feedback survey, say that they would recommend the service to their family and friends, which is better than the England average of 88%. The feedback from patients during the inspection also demonstrates the excellent and compassionate care delivered to our patients on a daily basis.

“We would like to thank our patients, our staff and local people for their loyalty and support, and assure them that we are committed to making these improvements so that we can continue to offer caring services to local people.”

At the time of inspection, the CQC has recommended that the Trust required an enhanced level of support. Special measures in the NHS means that an organisation is provided with additional support to assist in a programme of further improvement. With an Improvement Director in place, support being received from ECIP (the national Emergency Care Improvement Programme team) and external leadership support already being received in maternity and paediatrics services, much of this has effectively already been put in place. The Trust will continue to review where other support may be of assistance.

To see the report in its entirety please visit: http://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/RWP

Also please find below  additional summary documents that you may find useful. 

Update: March 2016

You can download the CQC Monitoring Report from March 2016 here.

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