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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

ECIP Intensive Support Week

20 June 2016

A week of ECIP activity starts today and first up was Steve Christian with a presentation around the SAFER patient flow bundle and Red to Green Days.

The presentation below sets out the journey from Red to Green Days.

A Green Day is a day when then patient has received an intervention that supports their journey through to discharge.

Examples of what could constitute a Green Day:

  • Formal review by the medical team, with clinical management plan being devised
  • Therapy assessment or intervention
  • A diagnostic intervention that supports the progress of the patient through their episode of care


A Green day is a day when all that is planned or requested happened on the day it is requested, equalling a positive experience for the patient.

A Red day is when the patients not receive an intervention to support their pathways of care through to discharge.

Examples of what constitutes a Red Day:

  • A planned diagnostics is not undertaken as requested
  • If planned therapy intervention does not occur
  • There is no senior clinical review  ~  Monday to Friday
  • Medical management plans are not reflective of interventions and required outcomes to progress the patient’s pathway of care.

Page last updated: 20 June 2016