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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Hospital recruitment: A case study

15 February 2016


Ellie Roberts is a student nurse at the University of Birmingham. Although living in Redditch, she trains through her course at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. Due to finish her training and qualify in July, Ellie set about looking for newly qualified staff nursing posts which start in September 2016.

Ellie noticed an advert in her local paper for a recruitment event at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. Living in Redditch, Ellie was immediately interested in the advert and prospect of finding out more about nursing in Worcestershire’s hospitals.

After contacting the communications team online via the trust’s official Facebook page, Ellie was reassured that there are opportunities for student and newly qualified nurses available.

To encourage some of her friends to come along, Ellie also posted a notice on the Facebook page for University of Birmingham nursing students – which in turn, brought two of her course mates along to the event.

When Ellie attended the event at the Alexandra Hospital, she was immediately surprised by how straight forward it was. Ellie said: “It was so easy to access; the staff were so friendly and welcoming and encouraged me to go for an interview that day!”

And go for an interview she did, positions were available on the day for staff nurse posts which started in September, giving Ellie the time to finish her course. After the surprise interview, much to her delight Ellie was offered the position of staff nurse for Ward 14 at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

It wasn’t only Ellie who was in luck though, her two class mates from the University of Birmingham were also offered jobs that day straight after the interview at the event.

These class mates are now relocating to Worcestershire from other parts of the country, having previously never even heard of the county before!

There will be another recruitment event coming up in April, and as the largest employer in the county, we constantly have job opportunities available on the NHSJobs website here – http://bit.ly/1PNkPJU

Find out more about working at the county’s hospitals here - www.worcsacute.nhs.uk/working-for-us/

Follow the trust on Facebook for all the latest updates and job opportunities here - www.facebook.com/WorcestershireAcuteHospitalsNHSTrust/

Page last updated: 29 April 2016