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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Improved experience for renal dialysis patients

14 November 2016

Patient Margaret Priest undergoing haemodiafiltration, with ward sister Grace Malabanan.
Patient Margaret Priest undergoing haemodiafiltration, with ward sister Grace Malabanan

Patients undergoing renal dialysis at Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre are benefitting from an improved experience, with access to a newer form of dialysis and a refurbished environment.

Seven of the 20 dialysis stations in the satellite unit now offer haemodiafiltration which works by removing more toxins from the body than traditional haemodialysis. The unit, which is run in partnership with Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, has also undergone a makeover, with the walls painted in warmer tones and new flooring throughout.

Julie Hughes, Ward Manager at the Renal Dialysis Unit, said: “Our patients have welcomed the upgrades to the department. Haemodiafiltration cleans the blood in a better way, which is brilliant for those patients who find that traditional haemodialysis leaves them feeling unwell. We are hoping, over time, to replace all of our machines.

“The whole unit has also undergone a refurbishment, with warmer colours chosen as a direct response to patient feedback. Renal patients often feel the cold, so we have created a cosier feeling and the whole environment feels much cleaner and fresher.”

Patient Margaret Priest has been receiving dialysis for 20 years. The 76-year-old, who has been having treatment at Kidderminster since August, said it was nice to come to such a lovely environment. “I’m here three mornings every week so things like that do make a difference,” she added. “It’s lovely here.”

The unit currently treats 80 patients across two sessions, six days a week.

Page last updated: 14 November 2016