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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Media coverage today of Royal College of Surgeons review

1 November 2016

Reports in the media today reference a review which the Trust commissioned in 2014 from the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) into our emergency surgical services at the Alexandra Hospital. This was initiated by the Trust following concerns we had identified as a result of some Serious Untoward Incidents and higher HSMR (Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio) figures. HSMR is an indicator of healthcare quality that measures whether the mortality rate at a hospital is higher or lower than you would expect.

Following its review, the RCS concluded that ‘the current delivery of the general surgery emergency service at the Alexandra Hospital was not sustainable and that, if left unaddressed, it had the potential to be a cause for concern.’ This report therefore endorsed the Future of Acute Hospital Services in Worcestershire plans for emergency surgery as well as the temporary measures taken to mitigate any immediate risks. For transparency, we have published the report below with staff names removed.

Page last updated: 01 November 2016