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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Statement on endoscopy equipment

8 October 2015

“Following a story in the Health Service Journal about the Endoscopy Unit at the Alexandra Hospital, the Trust is setting out the factual position.

“Samples taken routinely at the time of endobronchial procedures on patients in the endoscopy unit at the Alexandra Hospital revealed the presence of bacteria (Pseudomonas in seven specimens and Serratia in four specimens between March and July 2015). Following the initial results an  investigation was undertaken to identify the possible cause whilst further measures were put in place immediately to mitigate any potential risk to patients. These included additional disinfection, the installation of water filters and changes to operating procedures.  As a result of these measures, the on-going sampling has confirmed that this problem has been resolved. No patients came to any harm. 

“Separately, the washers and disinfectors in the unit are due for replacement, as they are planned to be replaced every eight years.  

“Finally, every Endoscopy Unit in the country is now subject to accreditation against best practice standards. It has been identified in our risk registers that compliance against this higher level quality standards will require investment across all of our units and we are working with external advisors on how best to achieve this. However, in the meantime, all of our units continue to be compliant and safe.”

Page last updated: 08 October 2015