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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Trust update on Radiology Thursday 6 October

Thursday 6 October 

“We can confirm our standard is to report all urgent X-rays within two days and all other ‘routine’ X-rays within two weeks.

“In July the Trust had a backlog of X-rays to be reported by radiology, including 5,754 from January to August 2016, and 6,986 unreported films from 2015 and 2014. The majority of these X-rays had been reviewed by the requesting clinician, mostly on the same day, to determine a care plan. Our policy is to perform a second radiology report on these X-rays to check the diagnosis and pick up any ‘incidental’ findings that may have been missed by the requesting clinician, potentially speeding up and improving patient treatment.

“Our Radiology Department cleared the backlog of higher priority X-rays by the end of August, and is on schedule to clear the remainder in the 6 month backlog by the end of October.  The department has already cleared half of the backlog of older lower priority unreported films from 2015 and 2014 and expects to clear the remainder by the end of November 2016.” 

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Trust update on Radiology Monday 26 September

An update on the work to reduce the backlog in the review of X-rays by a radiologist was presented to the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the 26 September. 

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Trust update on Radiology Friday 12 August

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Page last updated: 06 October 2016