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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Trust Update on Radiology (Friday 12 August)

12 August

We would like to reassure patients about the backlog in reporting x-rays. Please be assured that if a GP has requested an X-ray or if they have recently had an MRI, CT or Ultrasound scan there are no delays in reporting. 

The x-ray reporting backlog is for a second ‘back-up’ report to be written by an expert in reading plain films (a radiologist or reporting radiographer). The X-rays in our backlog are internally requested routine X-rays, which are reviewed by the requesting clinician (e.g. A&E consultant or chest physician), mostly on the same day, to determine a patient’s care plan.

Due to increasing pressures on our Radiology department, priority has been given to reporting on the more complex scans, such as CT, MRI and Ultrasounds.  This has led to an increase in the number of X-rays to be reported by Radiology.

To tackle the backlog, we have increased capacity for X-ray reporting, so that the number of unreported X-rays is now reducing and a plan is in place to clear this backlog by October. 

We know that any delays in diagnosis are unacceptable, and apologise for any concern this has caused to patients. 

We have announced that we will be commissioning an independent peer review into radiology services as we want to ensure that we offer patients the highest standards of care.

We apologise if any patient, relative or GP is concerned about this issue and if you need any advice, support or help please contact our PALS service on 0300 1231732, who will be able to refer to one of our specialists for further guidance.

Over the coming days we will continue to update our website to answer frequently asked questions.

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Page last updated: 06 October 2016