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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
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Our Haematology service is mainly based at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, with Routine Haematology and Coagulation testing offered at the Alexandra Hospital site.

We also provide anticoagulant services in conjunction with other medical teams.

A full acute blood transfusion service is provided from both the Alexandra and Worcestershire Royal hospitals with a blood issue fridge at Kidderminster.

The Antenatal Blood Group Serology Screening Service is provided at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Alexandra Hospital with sample referral to NHS Blood and Transplant if required.

Who's who and contact details

Laboratory Director for Haematology - Trustwide
Dr S Shafeek
x 30484 
01905 763333
 Deputy Laboratory Director for Haematology - Trustwide

Dr S Hebballi 

x 42028
01527 503030
Clinical Lead for Haematology 
Dr N Pemberton
x 30217 
01905 763333
Consultant Lead for Blood Transfusion
Dr  S Hebballi  Secretary
x 42028
01527 503030
Consultant Haematologists

A member of the consultant team is available for clinical advice/interpretation 24 hours a day.

Consultants can be contacted via switchboard
or their secretaries during routine working hours.
Dr J Mills 

Dr O Chapman

Dr T Chan
x 30217
01905 763333

x 30484 
01905 763333

x 30760
01905 763333

Specialist Nurses / Transfusion Practitioners

Laura Walters

Debbie Clinton 
x 30633
Page via switchboard
Laboratory Manager / Head BMS - Haematology
Bev Byfield-Jones
DDI 01905 760638
Laboratory Manager / Head BMS - Blood Transfusion
Camran Khan
x 30632
DDI 01905 760639
Quality Manager
Bev Byfield-Jones

x 30631

DDI 01905 760638

Laboratory Enquiries - WRH

x 30651
DDI 01905 760653
Transfusion Enquiries - WRH

x 30637
DDI 01905 760769

Out of hours
Bleep 848 / radiopage via switchboard

Laboratory Enquiries - Alex

  x 42082
DDI 01527 512008
Transfusion Enquiries - Alex

x 42179
DDI 01527 512179

Fax 01527 512074

Out of hours
Bleep 0255 /
page via switchboard

Blood porter
bleep 0208

Laboratory locations and opening hours

River level
Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Charles Hastings Way

Core hours
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm 

Out of hours
Monday - Friday: 8pm - 8am 
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays  

Alexandra Hospital
Woodrow Drive
B98 7UB
Core hours 
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm  

Out of hours 
Monday - Friday: 8pm - 8am 
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 

Tests available



Tests available out of normal hours

  • Full blood count
  • ESR
  • Sickle cell screening
  • Malaria screening
  • Coagulation screens (INR and APTT)
  • D-Dimer
  • Factor assays (VIII and IX) - please discuss with laboratory


Emergency requests

An emergency request is one which is needed for the immediate management of the patient.

The laboratory must be telephoned before an urgent sample is sent and the form must be marked appropriately. Failure to contact the lab may result in the sample being treated as routine.

The out of hours service has a limited capacity so please do not ask staff to process non urgent requests.  

Requesting additional tests

Requests should be made by telephone to the laboratory. Due to specimen viability additional tests may not be possible more that 24 hours after sample receipt for EDTA samples and 6 hours for citrate samples.

Specimen containers

Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre
Specimen containers and request forms are available through the central distribution stores.

Alexandra Hospital, Redditch
Specimen containers are available from pathology reception. Please contact wah-tr.pathology.orders@nhs.net.

Research investigations/clinical trials

Before undertaking any haematology tests, which are to be conducted as part of a research project or clinical trial, the doctor must discuss the protocol and workload entailed with the head of department.

Medicolegal (Chain of Evidence)

Chain of Evidence forms should be available through your department. Specimens meeting the pathology sample requirements should be brought to pathology specimen reception with the accompanying completed Chain of Evidence form.
After the sample has been processed, the Chain of Evidence form will be returned to the requesting consultant via internal post.

The Royal College of Pathologists guidelines for the handing medicolegal samples and preservation of chain of evidence is available HERE. 


Use and monitoring of intravenous Unfractionated Heparin (UFH) in adults (WAHT-HAE-010)

Guideline for the management of venous thromboembolism and including the management of patients receiving low molecular weight heparin (WAHT-HAE-019)

Referrals for continuing anticoagulant control
Please refer to the Warfarin and other oral anticoagulants guidelines and procedures (WAHT-HAE-002)

Guidance for handling medicolegal samples and preserving the chain of evidence (2e) - External Link to Royal College of Pathologists

Page last updated: 10 June 2022