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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pathology tests - A to Z


For routine Biochemistry queries and add-ons, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net (checked daily Mon-Fri)

 For routine haematology queries and add-ons, please email: wah-tr.haembtqueries@nhs.net

Please note this is NOT for referrals to clinical haematology or clinical advice and guidance

C.Difficile AntigenMicrobiology - Virology 
C1-Esterase InhibitorImmunology 
C3/C4Clinical Biochemistry 
Ca125Clinical Biochemistry 
Ca153Clinical Biochemistry 
Ca199Clinical Biochemistry 
CadmiumClinical Biochemistry 
CaeruloplasminClinical Biochemistry 
CalcitoninClinical Biochemistry 
CalciumClinical Biochemistry 
Calcium Creatinine Clearances RatioClinical Biochemistry 
Calcium Creatinine Ratio (Urine)Clinical Biochemistry 
Calcium Phosphate Urate (Urine)Clinical Biochemistry 
Calculus - RenalClinical Biochemistry 
Candida Culture (HVS)Microbiology 
Candida Culture (S/P)Microbiology 
Candida PreciptinsMicrobiology - Referred samples 
CarbamazepineClinical Biochemistry 
Carbohydrate Deficient TransferrinClinical Biochemistry 
CarboxyhaemaglobinClinical Biochemistry 
CarotenoidsClinical Biochemistry 
CEAClinical Biochemistry 
Cell MarkersHaematology 
Centromere AbsImmunology 
CFTMicrobiology - Referred samples 
CH50ImmunologyLink to Immunology, Heartlands test...
Chickunyga SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples 
ChitotriosidaseClinical Biochemistry 
Chlamydia Naat (S)Microbiology - Virology 
Chlamydia Naat (U)Microbiology - Virology 
Chlamydia SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples 
Chlamydia Type SpecificMicrobiology - Referred samples 
ChlorideClinical Biochemistry 
Chol/Trig (Nonfasting)Clinical Biochemistry 
Cholesterol (Fluid)Clinical Biochemistry 
Cholesterol (Health Check)Clinical Biochemistry 
Cholinesterase PhenotypingClinical Biochemistry 
Cholinesterase ToxicologyClinical Biochemistry 
ChromiumClinical Biochemistry 
Chromogranin AClinical Biochemistry 
Chromogranin BClinical Biochemistry 
Clotting ScreenHaematology 
ClozapineClinical Biochemistry 
CMV IgGMicrobiology - Virology 
CMV IgMMicrobiology - Virology 
CMV PCRMicrobiology - Referred samples 
CobaltClinical Biochemistry 
Coccidioides SerologyMicrobiology - Referred samples 
Cold agglutininsBlood Transfusion 
CopperClinical Biochemistry 
Page last updated: 11 January 2022